Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher 봻 HSI Crusher

Horizontal Shaft Impact Crusher Horizontal Shaft Impact Crushers HSI Crusher

Horizontal Shaft Impact crusher has stationary impact crusher and portable impact crusher. Horizontal Shaft Impact crusher (SYHSI Series) is widely used for sand and rock producing in the industry of roads, railways, reservoir, electricity power and building materials and so on with cubical shape.

Impact crushers (SYHSI Series) can produce cubic products with very good grain shape, adopting the latest manufacturing technology and unique structure design. Horizontal Shaft Impact crusher can crush each kind of coarse, medium, fine cubic material (granite, limestone and concrete etc.) and is widely applied to secondary and tertiary crushing of various ores and medium- hard materials in railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical industry construction etc.

Horizontal Shaft Impact crusher Working Principle

Horizontal Shaft Impact crusher use impact energy to crush materials. Driven by the motor, the rotor revolves at a high speed. Revolving blow bars in the rotor blow the materials. Then the materials will be thrown to the impact plates for secondary crushing. The materials will be shot back to the blow bars again. This process repeats until the materials are crushed to the required size and discharged through the discharging opening at the bottom of the machine. Adjusting the gap between the impact rack and rotor support, the size and shape of the end products can be changed

Horizontal Shaft Impact crusher Benefits and Features

Impact crusher is with unique simple structure

Impact crusher is with high-chromium or High manganese hammer and special impact liner plate

Impact crusher is capable of highly efficient hard rock crushing while saving energy

Impact crusher has cubical shaping final products, the product size is adjustable to simplify the crushing circuit

Impact crusher can get easy maintenance and reliable performance

Impact crusher can replace wearing parts easily

HSI Crushers Specification

Model No. Rotor Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor
Rotor Speed(m/s)
21~24 25~29 30~34 36~45
SYHSI-1010H 過1050 횞 1000W 60~71 63~70 56~62 51~57 55~75
SYHSI-1310H 過1350 횞 1000W 123~133 115~125 103~114 95~105 75~110
SYHSI-1312H 過1350 횞 1200W 153~168 143~157 128~142 115~129 95~130
SYHSI-1315H 過1350 횞 1500W 183~202 170~189 153~169 134~153 110~130
SYHSI-1615H 過1600 횞 1500W 260~285 240~265 217~240 195~220 150~175
SYHSI-1620H 過1600 횞 2000W 340~370 315~350 283~315 250~280 190~220
SYHSI-2015H 過2000 횞 1500W 410~450 380~415 345~380 315~345 220~250
SYHSI-2020H 過2000 횞 2000W 540~590 500~550 460~500 420~460 300~400
SYHSI-3642H 過3600 횞 4200W 44~52 36~42 30~35 25~28 110~130
SYFIC6-200 過1057 횞 2120W 305~365 280~340 260~315 240~290 400~600
SYFIC6-300 過1150 횞 3120W 470~565 430~520 400~480 370~445 600~800

Capacities are based upon ordinary limestone not containing wet fine particles. Ton=1,000 kg.

Hammer Crusher

Hammer Crusher is the most suitable to crush each brittle materials like coal, gangue, coke, slag, sandstone, shale and limestone. It has the following features : the higher production efficiency, low noise and low vibrations for easy operation.


Ring Hammer Crusher Specification

Model No. Capacity
Motor(kw) Rotor Dim.
SYHM-610R 180~250 110 過660횞1080W
SYHM-912R 340~400 260 過906횞1233W
SYHM-915R 550~600 260 過915횞1470W
SYHM-1120R 800~1000 375 過1120횞2000W

Capacities are based upon ordinary limestone not containing wet fine particles. Ton=1,000 kg.


Reversible Impact Crusher Specification

Model No. Capacity
Motor(kw) R.P.M
SYRSI-30 55~85 55~150 1000~1500
SYRSI-36 150~283 75~500 900~1200
SYRSI-42 210~396 150~600 600~900
SYRSI-48 360~680 220~1100 600~900
SYRSI-60 500~944 300~1200 500~720

Capacities are based upon ordinary limestone not containing wet fine particles. Ton=1,000 kg.